Lexy Lopes

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Lexy Lopes was born in Portugal and grown in rough areas of South London. This upcoming entertainer has caught the internet with music, comedy skits, social media, dance, motivational posts, debates and many other areas.

This house music rapper began her carrer in hip hop and now resides in house and has proven her versatility and creativeness time and time again. This was shown when she released #YCCTSB which created a wave of shaping on the internet all over the world by the #LopesEmpire.

All her shows have been a success, at the Portuguese Festival 2008, LeXana attracted thousands of people. At Street2Elite (adidas sponsored), GetDown Dance and many open mic nights LeXana's impact and delivery has been attractive and catchy. She now hopes to dominate festivals with her very own created sound.

Her development has all come from investing in herself and being persistent. Lexy is a driven and ambitious character because whilst driving herself to her dreams, she is also a single parent who has a charity helping other single parents mostly concentrated on mothers. This public figure has dominated stages and left people thinking of how a thought could materialise.