Raezr's passion for music is what made him become a DJ.

Growing up, he would always be listening to the radio to hear different artists and styles.

During his college years, Raezr picked up his first DJ controller and hasn't let go of it since.

Raezr's taste is very eclectic and thus likes to mix a variety ranging from EDM to House to Dubstep to Hip-Hop to Trap to Afrobeats.

His love of EDM and House came from when he went to one of the world's biggest festivals (Tomorrowland).

His love of Hip-Hop and Afrobeats came from his time at university.

Raezr's major influences include Martin Garrix, Alan Walker, Skrillex, Lethal Bizzle and Tinie Tempah to name a few.

"You have one life, so make sure you do something you love".