Sam Bacon

Sam Bacon is born and bred in the heart of London, East London to be precise. This up bringing shown in his musical taste that ranges from old school underground grime artists, to garage to old school R&B from the naughty 90's onwards.

As he got older his musical taste swayed into the dance and house field and this is often shown in his mixes when he collaborates old school Garage with modern dance and then into old school grime.

Since he was younger DJ Sam has always loved music and would listen to radio over watching TV and his passion for it continued when he bought his first controller and started mixing.

He honed his skills by listening to FM radio as a teenager and basing
his styles of mixing on such acts as Artful Dodger, DJ Ez, DJ Luck & MC Neat and often went along to their gigs.

As a DJ his goals are to get a residency in a primary location and go on to produce his own music by getting vocals of older, classic songs and twisting them into a modern dance mash up.

As a DJ he draw's his inspiration and is influenced by producers such as James Hype and Tough Love and DJ's like DJ EZ, DJ Luck & MC Neat and Artful Dodger.
Old school DJ's who mix it with current stuff too but often stay true to their roots and the music they was brought up on.

DJ Sam has currently performed in a small and exciting bar in Camden and private parties and is now looking to take his exciting, feel good music full of old school and modern feet movers to more places on a more regular basis.